Owning the freehold for a woodland is pretty much like having an extended garden, set in an idyllic location. You can enjoy and study wildlife, harvest the wild fruits and fungi (be sure you check they are edible), picnic, climb trees, make trails and harvest firewood.

Alternatively, you may just want to escape once in a while to enjoy the peace, tranquillity and serenity of your own woodland hideaway.

Legal, Some key factors to consider 

  • In accordance with British Law, owners are not allowed to build any permanent structures on their plot.
  • Overnight stays are restricted to 28 nights per year, although owners can use their asset 365 days a year.
  • Owning woodlands has significant inheritance tax benefits.
  • Owners can take firewood and a limited amount of timber from their plot.
  • We recommend that you take independent legal advice when considering purchasing a Wood.
  • For devolved regions please check your  rights with the appropriate forrestry department  

Ownership Benefits

  • You will own your land. It will be your asset and will always have value.
  • The British Government has announced proposed changes in the law which will allow greater use of woodland and green belt land. If these changes come into effect, woodland value may significantly increase.
  • Inheritance tax benefits.


As the owner of a woodland, you are legally allowed to camp for up to 28 nights per year. This would allow you to stay on your land for the duration of your main summer holiday if you wanted and still have lots of weekend breaks away.

As the owner, you, of course, would be allowed to spend as many days as you wanted on your land.

How to buy a Woodland Bond wood


Choose your wood:

We offer a wide variety of size and feature-rich woodlands. Please choose from our online portfolio of woodlands for sale.

Register your interest:

Send us a short email then we can then add you to our mailing list and send you an introduction email with an invitation to visit the woods at your chosen location.

See for yourself:

Having registered, take up our invitation to visit the wood, and enjoy a day there – take a tent/caravan/motorhome and enjoy a night too! Afterwards, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Satisfy yourself

Having read the details on this website and having been to see for yourself you will have learnt a great deal about owning a wood but if you are unsure on any aspect please ask us or seek independent advice.

Commit to buy

If you are happy with everything then commit to buy with a retainer and instruct your solicitor: at this stage, we will class the wood as “under offer”.

The legal process will usually take about four weeks.

Welcome to your own woodland.

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