Some questions answered for you:

Will I Own my Wood?
Yes, you would own the freehold to your wood.

The woodland will be your asset and will always have value.

Try before you buy – What’s the catch?
Simple. There is no catch.

We offer interested parties (who have registered} the opportunity to visit our woods and stay overnight in their own tent, caravan or motorhome without obligation for free. It’s an opportunity to look at the location and the work that’s been done and see if it’s right for you.

If it’s not for you, we will thank you for your feedback and wish you well. We guarantee that no legal paperwork will be completed during your visit. The only thing we can’t guarantee is the weather!

Will other people be able to stay in my wood without my permission?
No, it is entirely your choice who can stay and when.
Why am I limited to 28 overnight stays on my land?
This is the law of the land and was introduced to stop people taking up permanent residence on plots of land.
Can I build anything on my land?
No. At least nothing permanent, so no houses or cabins for example.

Woodland is very well protected by planning laws and regulations. You can build small temporary shelters if you wish.

Can I leave my caravan on site permanently or install a static?
Yes, but please be aware this is at your own risk.

Woodland Bond would suggest that in these times (sad though it is), any item left unattended in a rural location could be vulnerable to any criminal activity in the area. However, secure caravan storage can often be arranged near to your woodland site.

Any other questions?
Please just drop us an email at enquiries@woodlandbond.co.uk

How to buy a Woodland Bond wood


Choose your wood:

We offer a wide variety of size and feature-rich woodlands. Please choose from our online portfolio of woodlands for sale.

Register your interest:

Send us a short email then we can then add you to our mailing list and send you an introduction email with an invitation to visit the woods at your chosen location.

See for yourself:

Having registered, take up our invitation to visit the wood, and enjoy a day there – take a tent/caravan/motorhome and enjoy a night too! Afterwards, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Satisfy yourself

Having read the details on this website and having been to see for yourself you will have learnt a great deal about owning a wood but if you are unsure on any aspect please ask us or seek independent advice.

Commit to buy

If you are happy with everything then commit to buy with a retainer and instruct your solicitor: at this stage, we will class the wood as “under offer”.

The legal process will usually take about four weeks.

Welcome to your own woodland.

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