Woodland Bond prices set to rise in 2014!Woodland Bond prices set to rise in 2014! We have managed to hold our prices for 3 years now, despite the on-going healthy rise in the wider woodland market! If you are considering investing in a Woodland Bond section it may well be worth doing this before Autumn 2014 as prices are set to rise. So act now and you can enjoy your investment for the summer...

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Welcome To Woodland Bond!Welcome To Woodland Bond! Woodland Bond is a new and enjoyable way to invest in Woodland, in summary: Bring enjoyment in to your investment portfolio- Enjoy the benefits of rising UK land prices- See and feel your investment grow- Share the experience with family and friends- Like me it could be the best thing you have ever done! Please...

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Afon Wen-East Wood, Woodlands from £7.577Afon Wen-East Wood, Woodlands from £7.577 We have created four fabulous smaller woodland sections in the East Wood each with stream frontage. See the "Woodlands For Sale" section for more details. WALES - AFON WEN EAST -  WOOD 1 is sold but Woods 2,3 and 4 are still available WALES - AFON WEN EAST -  WOOD 2 0.85 ACRES (0.34 HECTARES)...

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Afon Wen, South, Woods from 2.3 to 6.1 acres for sale!Afon Wen, South, Woods from 2.3 to 6.1 acres for sale! Afon Wen South Wood is made up of 6 diverse woodland sections ranging from 2.3 to over 6 acres. See the "Woodlands For Sale" section for more details. NORTH WALES - AFON WEN- SOUTH WOOD.... WALES – AFON WEN SOUTH, – WOOD 1 4.1 ACRES (1.66 HECTARES) Price £32,833.  >> VIEW FULL DETAILS WALES...

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Snowdonia North Wales - Afon Wen North Wood WoodlandsSnowdonia North Wales - Afon Wen North Wood Woodlands These woods are currently under development and will be on sale shortly. Please view our woods currently for sale in our South and East sites.

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“As news of my woodland investment spread through family and friends, I was amazed at the interest the Woodland Bond idea generated. And so a set of criteria began to emerge”:

  • 1. Investors must own their wood outright.
  • 2. Investors must know what they can and can’t do with our Woodland before they buy it.
  • 3. Investors must know what the management company will and will not provide
  • 4. If a larger wood is to be divided for multiple owners it must be still managed as a whole by one company for the protection of all of the owners investment and the benefit of the woodland as a whole.
  • 5. If a large wood is to have multiple owners, for their own protection a set of clear rules would need to be created some call it a covenant we call it the Woodland Bond.
  • 6. Investors must be assured that their investment is secure and well managed another reason to have a single management company for the whole project
  • 7. What added value other than the piece of mind of a protected investment can be offered by signing up to the Woodland Bond?
  • An easy and informative route of communication between the owners and the management company that is looking after their investment.
  • A Bond holders forum and If desired the ability to share time and enjoy each others Woods in great locations right across the UK
  • An ability for owners to be involved with specific maintenance tasks of the wider wood if they wish
  • An easy exit route should the owners circumstances change

Each of the above criteria is covered in greater detail in the Bond document.

The next logical step was to gain approval from The Forestry Commission. I had a meeting with my regional Forestry Commission director.

The positive result from that meeting confirmed for me the concept  of the Woodland Bond was good for all.

In summary, Woodland Bonds unique features are:

  • 1. A clear and easy route to investing in Woodland
  • 2. A management company that’s primary aim is for you to enjoy your investment
  • 3. A set of rules that will protect your investment
  • 4. The ability for you to choose to share time in your woods and enjoy time in other woods across the UK that are owned by Woodland Bond

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