Woodland Bond prices set to rise in 2014!Woodland Bond prices set to rise in 2014! We have managed to hold our prices for 3 years now, despite the on-going healthy rise in the wider woodland market! If you are considering investing in a Woodland Bond section it may well be worth doing this before Autumn 2014 as prices are set to rise. So act now and you can enjoy your investment for the summer...

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Welcome To Woodland Bond!Welcome To Woodland Bond! Woodland Bond is a new and enjoyable way to invest in Woodland, in summary: Bring enjoyment in to your investment portfolio- Enjoy the benefits of rising UK land prices- See and feel your investment grow- Share the experience with family and friends- Like me it could be the best thing you have ever done! Please...

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Afon Wen-East Wood, Woodlands from £7.577Afon Wen-East Wood, Woodlands from £7.577 We have created four fabulous smaller woodland sections in the East Wood each with stream frontage. See the "Woodlands For Sale" section for more details. WALES - AFON WEN EAST -  WOOD 1 is sold but Woods 2,3 and 4 are still available WALES - AFON WEN EAST -  WOOD 2 0.85 ACRES (0.34 HECTARES)...

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Afon Wen, South, Woods from 2.3 to 6.1 acres for sale!Afon Wen, South, Woods from 2.3 to 6.1 acres for sale! Afon Wen South Wood is made up of 6 diverse woodland sections ranging from 2.3 to over 6 acres. See the "Woodlands For Sale" section for more details. NORTH WALES - AFON WEN- SOUTH WOOD.... WALES – AFON WEN SOUTH, – WOOD 1 4.1 ACRES (1.66 HECTARES) Price £32,833.  >> VIEW FULL DETAILS WALES...

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Snowdonia North Wales - Afon Wen North Wood WoodlandsSnowdonia North Wales - Afon Wen North Wood Woodlands These woods are currently under development and will be on sale shortly. Please view our woods currently for sale in our South and East sites.

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Woodland Bond have been giving much thought and consideration to the ongoing costs of the project and we want to ensure Woodland Bond Ltd can offer both a fair and tiered level of service and security well into the future. So we are pleased to announce our fee structure for 2014.

We believe the new fees give incredible value for money as well as peace of mind for owners who are concerned about being able to care for their woodland properly.  Owners can opt for the bronze, silver or gold packages to suit their needs, usage or budget. Owners can also opt not to take an optional package at all, but please be aware that you would then be responsible for the cost of any future works required. However with our combined skills and our network of specialists from foresters to quarry products we would be very happy to supply you with a quotation for any works you may require. We also offer to oversee the works to ensure they are completed to your satisfaction.

The fees for 2014 are as follows:

Mandatory fee £75 per section (irrespective of size) per year is the basic cover including Bond membership, newsletters, public liability insurance, fly tipping removal and Woodland Bond owned rides and gates/locks maintenance.

Optional Fees:

Bronze: £50 per year (up to 4 acres section size). Includes one survey per year by a Woodland Bond specialist to check on the progress of the timber and any invasive species, pests or disease. The owner is welcome to be present to discuss any issues and we will provide an emailed report of the visit. We will also cost out and present a quotation for any works required by the client or as part of the agreed management plan.

Silver: £85 per year (up to 4 acres section size, larger sections by agreement). As per Bronze option but also includes the making safe of any windblown or other unstable/dangerous trees within the wood to within a set time (one month) to prevent further damage and regain stability/safety. All other works on a quotation basis as previously mentioned.

Gold: £115 per year. The no hassle option: (up to 4 acres section size, larger sections by agreement). All that Bronze and Silver offer plus internal bond holder rides and hard standing maintained and any disease or invasive species sorted by removal or treatment. Any planted trees less than 5 years old are kept clear of weeds until weeding not required (i.e. the natural shade from the developing tree beats the weeds). The overseeing by Woodland Bond  free of charge of any sub contractor works undertaken in your wood.

All other works not listed are on a specific task quotation basis.

We ask that all optional are for a minimum 4-year term and payment is made annually in advance by standing order please.

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