Woodland Bond prices set to rise in 2014!Woodland Bond prices set to rise in 2014! We have managed to hold our prices for 3 years now, despite the on-going healthy rise in the wider woodland market! If you are considering investing in a Woodland Bond section it may well be worth doing this before Autumn 2014 as prices are set to rise. So act now and you can enjoy your investment for the summer...

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Welcome To Woodland Bond!Welcome To Woodland Bond! Woodland Bond is a new and enjoyable way to invest in Woodland, in summary: Bring enjoyment in to your investment portfolio- Enjoy the benefits of rising UK land prices- See and feel your investment grow- Share the experience with family and friends- Like me it could be the best thing you have ever done! Please...

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Afon Wen-East Wood, Woodlands from £7.577Afon Wen-East Wood, Woodlands from £7.577 We have created four fabulous smaller woodland sections in the East Wood each with stream frontage. See the "Woodlands For Sale" section for more details. WALES - AFON WEN EAST -  WOOD 1 is sold but Woods 2,3 and 4 are still available WALES - AFON WEN EAST -  WOOD 2 0.85 ACRES (0.34 HECTARES)...

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Afon Wen, South, Woods from 2.3 to 6.1 acres for sale!Afon Wen, South, Woods from 2.3 to 6.1 acres for sale! Afon Wen South Wood is made up of 6 diverse woodland sections ranging from 2.3 to over 6 acres. See the "Woodlands For Sale" section for more details. NORTH WALES - AFON WEN- SOUTH WOOD.... WALES – AFON WEN SOUTH, – WOOD 1 4.1 ACRES (1.66 HECTARES) Price £32,833.  >> VIEW FULL DETAILS WALES...

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Snowdonia North Wales - Afon Wen North Wood WoodlandsSnowdonia North Wales - Afon Wen North Wood Woodlands These woods are currently under development and will be on sale shortly. Please view our woods currently for sale in our South and East sites.

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Some Questions Answered for you.

Will I Own my Wood?

The woodland will be your asset and will always have value. All we ask is that you agree to abide by the Woodland Bond code that has been developed to protect you and all of the Woodland Bond owners.

What is the management fee for?

The management fee covers ongoing costs to look after the woodland you own. It pays for insurance against damage from fire etc. and also includes public liability. The management fee also covers the cost of commissioning and executing a woodland improvement plan. This will help to improve the quality of your woodland and therefore its value. The fee also covers maintenance of the access routes and secure gates and fences. As this is being done for all owners through Woodland Bond, the costs are reduced dramatically from what they would be if owners had to do them individually.

Will other people be able to stay in my wood without my permission?

No it is entirely your choice who can stay and when.

As a Woodland Bond owner can I stay in other Woodland Bond woods in a different location?

Woodland Bond retains a wood section on all of the sites we develop to enable Bond owners from other regions to visit if they wish. This is done on a first come, first served basis via an online calendar booking system.

We also plan to introduce a Bond Owners area on the website to allow like-minded owners to share time in each other’s woods if they want to. The more owners interested in sharing, the more Woods will be available to stay at.

Why am I limited to 28 overnight stays on my land?

This is the law of the land and was introduced to stop people taking up permanent residence on plots of land.

Can I build anything on my land?

No. At least nothing permanent so no houses or cabins for example. Woodland is very well protected by planning laws and regulations. You can build small temporary shelters if you wish but please liaise with your Woodland Bond warden first.

Can I leave my caravan on site permanently or install a static?

No. This would violate the 28-day law. Woodland Bond would also suggest that in these times (sad though it is), any item left unattended in a rural location could be vulnerable to any criminal activity in the area. However, secure caravan storage can often be arranged near to your woodland site.

Why do you insist I sign a covenant?

Woodlands are fairly well protected by legislation and law, however we wanted a second line of defence against anti social behaviour. We want all owners to enjoy their woodlands in a sensible way that does not offend or impact on their neighbours, and the covenant gives all owners valuable additional legal protection. Please talk with us if you require any specific info.

What other sites are you planning to develop and market?

We plan to make Woodland Bond a national company and are actively seeking to add woodland to our portfolio. Areas being looked at are as far south as Devon and as far north as the Highlands. We are interested in hearing of any woodland for sale that may be suitable for use as a Woodland Bond location. The website will be updated as soon as we have made any additions.

Try before you buy – What’s the catch?

Simple. There is no catch. We offer interested parties the opportunity to visit our woods and stay overnight in their own tent, caravan or motorhome without obligation for free. It’s an opportunity to look at the location and the work that’s been done and see if it’s right for you. One of the Woodland Bond team will be available to show you round and answer any questions you may have regarding any aspect of the Woodland Bond.

If it’s not for you, we will thank you for your feedback and wish you well. We guarantee that no legal paperwork will be completed during your visit. The only thing we can’t guarantee is the weather!

Any other questions?

Please just drop us an email at

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